Lamh QQI


This programme is for professionals* seeking further comprehensive training in how to better facilitate Lámh signing for individuals using a total communication approach and who may want to progress to Lámh Tutor Training.

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A programme leading to 2 QQI Level 5 module components.

This key training in Lámh signs, implementation of a signing programme and total communication addresses communication in the context of advocacy and self-determination.

This 4 day course includes:

  • sign training in 400 signs,
  • the Lámh assessment process,
  • implementation of a signing programme as well as,
  • content on advocacy, choice-making,
  • legislation and Total Communication,
  • certification by QQI
  • post-training support from a Lámh Tutor.


Following the course dates, applicants will have 10 weeks to complete an assignment.


Participants must already have attended the Module 1 Lámh Course.

You will need to send in a copy of your Module 1 certificate when booking.

Participants must identify an individual with whom they can carry out the assignment.

All Applications are taken pending approval by the tutors, even if payment has been arranged.

Using Lámh in a Total Communication Approach has been developed by Lámh and the Open Training College. This course leads to two QQI Level 5 Award Level 5 components – further education and training from the QQI Intellectual Disability Practice Award. The components are: Facilitating Communication through Lámh and Total Communication.

This course is for those who use Lámh extensively in their work and are involved in supporting Lámh users and their families, and is suitable for those working with adults with disabilities as well as children of all ages, and with a range of communication needs. Completion of the course and assignment is a requirement for becoming a Lámh Tutor.

Assignment: You are required to complete a project, similar to a case study, with a person you are supporting as part of your regular work. You should incorporate the Lamh assessment findings into the project, with an implementation plan based on those findings.  The project must have positive benefits for the person.

Participants will receive:

Lámh Sign Books 2 & 3

Participant Handbook


Lámh Assessment Booklet

Lámh Record Form

QQI briefing notes

Post-training support from a Lámh Mentor

Full Access to Lámh Signs Online

VENUE:   ACE Park Conference Centre, Ace Enterprise Park, Clondalkin.


Your location:

Wednesday & Thursday 19th & 20th September


Wednesday & Thursday 24th & 25th October 2018.


Course runs from 09:00 AM until 04:30PM on all days.

Course Fee: €550

Can be split over 3 installments of €183.35

You will have the option of paying in full or by installment after you complete the booking form.


Minimum numbers are required for the course to proceed.


Refreshments and a Light Lunch is provided*

*We do our best to accommodate your dietary requirements, but it may not be always possible to accommodate complex dietary needs or severe allergies. On these occasions, we would ask you to provide your own packed lunch.

Comments from previous course participants:

‘Have really enjoyed the course. Go back to work with a clearer picture in my head about teaching signs and using a total communication approach in my work.’


‘…focus for me was to learn lots of signs and to learn how to use and teach them effectively.  This goal has been well covered.’


‘I love that we are encouraged to be in touch and have access to tutorials. It was a very interactive and enjoyable course.’


‘The assignments really helped the child to progress in use of communication skills in everyday settings and with his peers.’

Course delivered by Lámh Tutors Margaret Farrell, Imogen Carter & Marijke Morris, who are SLTs experienced in the area of disability and communication.



Marijke is the Lead Clinician for CATTS. She has more than 19 years experience in Speech and Language Therapy. She also has experience in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), including Lamh (signing), the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and high tech communication devices. Marijke is trained in the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS), which assesses social and communicative behaviour associated with autism.