New rates

Dear client,

Since inception, CATTS has endeavoured to keep our rates as low as possible in the current economic environment.  However, due to rising costs to ensure we keep providing a quality service to our clients, we have had to take the decision to increase our main rates for the first time in six years.
The rates change will come into effect on October 1st. We have selected this date in order to give our clients time to plan, and because August and September are traditionally very heavy months for families who need to juggle back to school costs.


We also now offer the addition of 30 minutes or 45 minutes therapy session lengths, based on feedback from our therapy team, and some of our regular clients. Our current therapy times are 40 minutes and 60 minutes. Some clients have needed shorter sessions, as they were more able to engage for the shorter length of time. Others required more time for the therapy team to discuss the home programmes with the parent or carer. We hope these new time slots will help.


Therapy (Clinic)CurrentNew
Speech & Language Therapy 60 Minutes €80 €90
Occupational Therapy 60 Minutes €80 €90
Joint Speech & Language and Occupational Therapy 60 Minutes€110€120
Speech & Language Therapy 45 MinutesXX €70
Occupational Therapy 45 MinutesXX €70
Speech & Language Therapy 30 Minutes €60 €60
Occupational Therapy 30 Minutes €60 €60


Therapy (Home / School Visit)CurrentNew
Speech & Language Therapy 60 Minutes €90€100
Occupational Therapy 60 Minutes €90€100
Joint Speech & Language and Occupational Therapy 60 Minutes€120€130
Speech & Language Therapy 45 MinutesXX €80
Occupational Therapy 45 MinutesXX €80
Speech & Language Therapy 30 Minutes €70 €70
Occupational Therapy 30 Minutes €70 €70


Speech & Language Therapy Assessment€250€300
Occupational Therapy Assessment€250€300
Joint Speech & Language and Occupational Therapy Assessment4450€530


Specific AssessmentsCurrentNew
Children’s Feeding Assessment€180€200
Stuttering / Handwriting / Speech Assessment, etc.€180€200


Long term home programme  €80 €100

A long term home programme is written specifically for an individual client with specific goals for the client to work on for a period of weeks. It is normally prepared with the intention that the client returns for a review of progress in a defined time period, so that they can progress to the next steps. This is something which may not be suitable for all clients, however if in doubt, please discuss with your therapist. 


Progress report – Individual Therapy €50 €75
Progress report – Joint Therapy XXX €125

Progress reports can be requested at any time during the therapy process. A progress report will summarise progress to date, as well as current goals and recommendations.


Diagnostic Therapy ReportTherapy Rate €100