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CATTS Ireland is an Irish owned company established in 2009 and incorporated in January 2010. We provide Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) services to babies, children, adolescents and adults using an individual or a Multi-Disciplinary Model.

Since 2020, we have moved exclusively to providing Online Speech and Language Therapy as we have found this delivery model suits a massive range of children and adults of all ages and abilities. Besides being just as good (in fact, better with many client situations), this allows people who otherwise would never have had access to a therapist in their local area, receive the help they need.  From a clinical practice point of view, it allows our team to focus more on specific client groups so as to build on best practices in these areas, instead of seeing a wide range of clinical issues from whoever lives within 45 minutes drive of a clinic. This provides a win-win for clients and therapist, as well as those people who are waiting for public/private SLT in their areas, as any clinical need that can be dealt with remotely, is allowed to be, and those for whom online therapy is not an option, should have (hopefully) a shorter wait time locally.


In addition to online therapy, CATTS also provide training services to Parents, Teachers and Care Staff.  We have made our most frequently requested and useful training courses available for anyone to view online in video format here: www.cattscourses.com
(Think of it like a Netflix for special education and speech therapy support information!)

To find out more, or to see what the steps are to get started with online speech therapy, just click here: www.cattsireland.com

Note: This web site is supported by CATTS, a private corporation. Our content is free from any commercial influence. There is no conflict of interest.

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