A-Z Guide of Special Needs Entitlements

?Just got off the phone with a caller with a very young child who is starting out on their journey.
?Taking the longer term plan is best (as always), and apart from recommending linking with their local ASD support groups, I asked them to check out Alan & Dolores excellent resource Financial Wellbeing: https://www.financialwellbeing.ie
? Think of it like that ‘Tom & Jerry’ cartoon where Tom is trying to lay the train track in front of a moving train. You know the train is going to need the track there at some stage to avoid being derailed, so the further ahead you lay the track, the better the result when it arrives there!
? This little booklet (A-Z Guide of Special Needs Entitlements) is an excellent place to start, or refer to, when you are trying to plan ahead. (Supports come and go, and the names or criteria can change often, but knowing what to ask for, often can make a BIG difference!)
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