Education Nation School Support Portal

Join thousands of educators, special needs assistants, HSCPs and parents who use Education Nation to help them support children with additional needs.

Education Nation has been built by the CATTS team and other invited experts as a whole 360 degree resource for schools, families and healthcare teams.

For Schools and Teachers.

Get to know and understand the wide range of SEN areas which you are likely to encounter in the classroom, as well as practical techniques and tips which will allow you better assist those pupils who need it.

For Families.

Watch and take any of the courses which your child’s teachers or SNAs have access to, so you also can understand what approaches your child’s teachers are using.  This empowers you to also reinforce these techniques at home, as well as assist you and your child’s teacher or SNA in troubleshooting day to day issues that may arise, using the same language.

For HSCPs.

There is only so much you can do in the space of a 30 or 60 minute therapy session. Likewise if you are only able to offer a short block to a child who needs assistance. You can save time in therapy by asking the child’s parent and teacher to view relevant training videos that demonstrate the approaches and techniques you ideally would want continued at home and school between therapy.
(If you wish to obtain a Prescription Licence for our courses, please contact the CATTS practice manager: jmorris @ catts.ie)

In the meantime, why not check out Education Nation here.

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