CATTS Online Speech & Language Therapy

What is Online Speech & Language therapy?

Simply put, online therapy, is the same therapy you get in person, but delivered over the internet. Check out the videos below for a better idea. 🙂

As this is a new way of service delivery here in Ireland, there are still some myths and mis-understandings about it.
We’ve put a list of all the common ones here so you don’t make the same mistake! 🙂

See more videos of what some of our clients are saying about their Online Speech and Language Therapy with CATTS HERE.

All about Online Speech and Language Therapy

What does online therapy mean for you?

What online therapy looks like for you. (Click to UNMUTE)
What our current clients think of Online therapy. (Click to UNMUTE)

How to prepare for a CATTS SLT Online Therapy session.

Firstly, think of it like a home visit

– but you don’t have to clean the house.

You do need to have a relatively quiet corner or room.

You can use a laptop, tablet or even your phone. In general the larger the screen the better and more comfortable for you.

You don’t need a super fast internet connection, steady and staple beats speed.

If it is your first online therapy session and if you are unsure of your connection speed please make sure no one else is using the house WiFi for the duration.

? As a good rule of thumb…
If you have streamed video on social media, had a Skype or WhatsApp call in the past from your home, your systems should be already good to go.

How do I login?

You click on a unique link your therapist sends you. The link code changes with EVERY session.

Your CATTS therapist will send you a direct link, which you just need to click, and go, in order to access.

Do I need to do anything for my child to prepare them?

You don’t need to have anything prepared specifically unless your therapist ask you to, but REMEMBER- YOU are the expert on YOUR child.

If you think they may need small breaks to stay focused for the session, have some favourite toys or activities within your reach but out of view. (Check with the therapist first so she knows they are there and can then cue them up as reinforcers as needed)

In general we would advise against your child using a headset (especially if your child is young as you will need to be also tuned in). If they wish, older kids can use headsets if they would normally attend therapy on their own.

During the session the therapist is in control of the virtual room. We use TWO cameras during the session.

The only thing you may be asked to do (or your child asked if age appropriate) is to switch views on your screen so that you can see the therapist, or the activity.

The activities we have are already a large toolbox full, and are now combined with loads that are for online therapy specifically which we can’t wait to share with you.

So, CLICK here to arrange an appointment.

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