This page outlines the CATTS Assessment, Therapy and Consultation fees. 

After each session, you will be sent an invoice by your therapist, which will include a payment link. Payment is due on the day.
CATTS reserves the right to withhold service should an account become in arrears.

CATTS fees cover many areas which are often necessary and ‘hidden’ in other practices.

This section contains a list of all our rates for services in a single page. Please click on the individual Links to obtain descriptions for each individual service.

You may be asked for a Booking Deposit to secure your first consultation or appointment.



Initial Consultation€110

The initial consultation is usually done with the parent / carer only. It may be done as a precursor to an assessment, or where there is more background information needed in order to inform the best course of action for therapy.
The individual child or adult needing help may not present at this stage (if they are needed during the consultation the therapist will advise you when arranging it).  If we need to conduct an assessment, this fee is taken off the Assessment Price.

Speech & Language Therapy Sessions

(Online Therapy)
Speech & Language Therapy 30 Minutes €80

45 Minutes

Speech & Language Therapy 45 Minutes €90

60 Minutes

Speech & Language Therapy 60 Minutes €110

A 10% Discount is available if six sessions are booked and paid for in advance.

Voice Therapy Sessions

(Online Therapy)
Voice Therapy 30 Minutes €70

45 Minutes

Voice Therapy 45 Minutes €80

60 Minutes

Voice Therapy 60 Minutes €100

Letter of Support

Letter of Support for services or resources€50

This letter is a one page clinical letter requested by the parent or another third party to state the current clinical need and professional recommendation.

E.g. Letter for DCA purposes, letter to school for additional supports.

We would always recommend confirming with the person asking you for a Letter of Support for your child exactly what information they are looking for. 

If the intention for the letter is to get access to funding or is part of a package required in order to access additional services, often they may need more details than can be contained in a letter. In these cases we will recommend a Summary report instead.

Some tips on what to ask are in our Parent Tips Page here.

Please note:
We are happy to provide reprint invoices for clients to assist with health insurer claims, however all accounts must be settled in full beforehand.


Long term home programme€110

A long term home programme is written specifically for an individual client with specific goals for the client to work on for a period of weeks. It is normally prepared with the intention that the client returns for a review of progress in a defined time period, so that they can progress to the next steps. This is something which may not be suitable for all clients, however if in doubt, please discuss with your therapist. 

Progress / Summary report – Speech Therapy €110

Progress or Summary reports can be requested at any time during the therapy process. This report will summarise progress to date, as well as current goals and recommendations. It is usually requested by a third party from the parent in order to assist them provide further supports for the person receiving SLT.

Diagnostic Therapy Report€160

Full Assessments (If needed)*

Speech & Language Therapy Assessment€450

 Specific Assessments (If needed)*

Food Aversion Initial Consultation 1.5 hours approx)**€150
Stuttering / Speech Assessment, etc.€250

*Very often nice assessment reports can go unread on consultants filing cabinets for years on end. We only will do an assessment and written report when it will be of benefit to the individual seeking help, i.e. if there is a 3rd party requiring it for use within 3-6 months of the report date. After that, especially with very young children, they will have developed and grown more than the report will reflect.  In most cases, an initial therapy session, or consultation will help dictate to our therapist which assessments to use to diagnose, and then prepare a therapy plan, which they will be able to implement.

**The Food Aversion Consultation can take up to 1.5 hours and does not usually require a report. The therapist will give you tips and strategies you can use immediately at next mealtime onward.   Follow up consultations may be required which can then take place at usual Speech & Language Therapy rates.

Speech & Language Therapist Supervision Service


Please CLICK HERE to see our Speech Therapist Supervision and Mentoring Service Prices

We hope that this has helped answer any questions you may have over how we deliver our services to you, however if you have any additional questions concerning your assessment please discuss it with your therapist, or, please contact us using the Contact Forms on this site, via email, or phone.

Thank you

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