CATTS Rates Guidelines

CATTS Rates for assessments ALWAYS include a FULL WRITTEN REPORT as part of the cost.

We do not believe in charging extra for something so essential.  We also recommend that clients have a written report of assessments to assist you, or future healthcare professionals with tracking progress of successful therapy and as a sign of best practice.


The written report provides:

– A benchmark of the client’s skills at a moment in time.
– A foundation on which to base progress and improvement in the client’s ability with intervention.
– An outline of the assessment tools and subtests used by the clinicians during the assessment. This allows
these same tests to be repeated in future to gauge success.


Please CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL OUR SERVICE FEES up front- no hidden charges..


You may also want to review our suggestions on How you can help with your child’s Assessment.

Home/School visits:

CATTS have recently been forced to add a €20 surcharge for travel to your home/ school/ preschool in addition to the advertised rate for therapy sessions.

The clinician will discuss the location of therapy, based on your individual circumstances and general logistics.


CATTS always provide you with an invoice for services received.

You are entitled to one for your records, and to assist with your MED 1 or Private Healthcare claim.
We recommend you exercise caution if an invoice is not offered by a professional.

We can recommend a great online resource Financial Wellbeing – Special Needs Trust Planning as place to find out what you are entitled to, and how you can properly plan for the journey ahead. It is an Irish owned Financial Planning specialist based in Cork, who have been on this journey themselves.

All additional Queries we receive we place in the Frequently Asked Questions Section of the site.



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