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Dynamic Assessment of Learning Potential

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February 11th – 14th 2019

Course Presenter

Written & Presented by Prof. Emeritus, David Tzuriel
School of Education, Bar Ilan University, Israel

Click here for Presenter Biography.

This 4 Day Training is open to:

  • Psychologists
  • Speech Language Therapists
  • Teachers
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Early Intervention staff

This course qualifies for 16 PSI Learning Credits


A growing need has emerged in the last two decades for applying dynamic assessment (DA) of learning potential for children, especially since early educational decision may affect them in the future. The focus is on one hand DA of learning potential and on cognitive intervention processes following the assessment.

Workshop Objectives

(a) to present the theoretical foundations of the DA approach especially
the theory of Structural Cognitive Modifiability (SCM) and
Mediated Learning Experience (MLE, Feuerstein, et al., 1979),
(b) to describe the main goals of DA for young children
(c) to describe the shifts from standardized testing to DA
(c) to portray the major characteristics of DA with young children,
(d) to present specific mediation strategies in DA and in intervention,
(e) to present deficient cognitive functions that act as barriers to thinking and learning,
(f) to bridge the DA findings to educational intervention,
(g) to present seven measures developed by Tzuriel for young children and children in school.

The Dynamic Assessment Tests

1. The Children’s Analogical Thinking Modifiability Test (CATM)
2. The Children’s Inferential Thinking Modifiability Test (CITM)
3. The Cognitive Modifiability Battery (CMB): Assessment and Intervention
4. The Seriational Thinking Modifiability Test –Revised (CSTM-R)
5. The Seria-Think Instrument-Revised, including the Transfer and Mental Rotation phases
6. The Children’s Conceptual and Perceptual Analogical Modifiability (CCPAM), Closed and Construction Analogies Versions.
7. The Windows Mental Rotation.

Learning Outcomes

The workshop will be experientially oriented with emphasis on demonstrations with children (if possible), simulation with participants, and supervised assessment experiences with test materials.

The following areas will be covered during the workshop:

  • Testing procedures,
  • Scoring methods,
  • Applications for cognitive intervention,
  • Interpretation of results, and
  • Research findings validating the DA approach.


To learn more about Dynamic Assessment, please see the documents below the booking button. 

Early Bird € 550  (16th June until September 30)  – CLOSED
Advanced  € 680  (01st October until November 30)
Regular      € 780  (01st December until 10th February 2019)

Your CPD investment can be made over 3 installments.

If the booking system doesn’t work for you straight away, please CLICK HERE to book via email. Thank you.

Dynamic Assessment Research Publications

Please click on the relevant article or paper to download the pdf to your device.

You can get a FREE pdf viewer here: Acrobat PDF VIEWER

Course Fees:



Early Bird € 550  (16th June until September 30) – CLOSED
Advanced  € 680  (01st October until November 30)
Regular      € 780  (01st December until 10th February 2019)

THIS COURSE IS LIMITED to 26 places which will be allocated on a First Come Basis.

Course fees are inclusive of:
  • Access to the 4 Day Training Course on February 11-18th 2019
  • Course Manual
  • Refreshments at Breakfast and Break times on all days
  • Lunch Provided on all days

Course Venue

The venue for this course is the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel, Newlands Cross, Naas Road, Dublin 22.

This venue has accessible access to the training room as well as the areas for refreshments and toilets.

Underground Car Parking is available (Free for course attendees upon ticket validation).

Rooms are available for attendees with a 10% Discount to the advertised rates.

Please check out our venue page for more details, including directions and room booking options.

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Open courses will allow applicants to register, and get a confirmed booking automatically.

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