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Module One Add-on Workshop for Communication Partners of Children using Lámh

This course date was originally advertised as March 24th. Due to unforeseen circumstances it has been moved to May 5th 2018.


FROM:  9:30am – 1:30pm

VENUE:   CATTS Block D, Ace Enterprise Park, Clondalkin

CATTS is located at ACE Enterprise Park, Bawnogue Road, Dublin 22.
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Suitable for:

Families, staff members and other communication partners of adults and children who use Lámh can add to their core Module One training with these practical workshops.

Run by: CATTS Lamh Tutor Certified Speech & Language Therapist, Marijke Morris.

Qualifications Required:  Module One Lamh certification required.

You will need to review your 100 Module 1 signs before attending the Add-On course.  If you have attended Lamh Module One with CATTS, you will have access to the Lamh signs Online to assist revision.

Course Recognised by:  Lamh

Course Overview

Module One Add-on Workshop for Communication Partners of Children using Lámh

Communication partners of children who use Lámh and who have completed Module One can attend this practical workshop that looks at encouraging Lámh use as well as adding to their Lámh sign vocabulary.

Course Duration: 3 hours

Workshop Fee: €75
The workshop covers:
  1. Lámh and Total Communication
  2. How to use toys and games to create opportunities for Lámh signing
  3. Additional sign vocabulary
  4. How to promote Lámh use in the pre-school and school
  5. Revision of Module One Lámh signs
  6. Looking at research on using manual signs and AAC with children
Course Materials:
  • Membership of Lámh Signs Online
  • Module One Add-on Handbook and Signbook
  • Certificate
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Module One Add-on Workshop for Communication Partners of Children using Lámh - CATTS Ireland