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Picky Eating: How it Happens and What to Do about It (Parent Talk)

May 14th 2018 @ 6:30PM

Parent Talk Description

Picky Eating: How it Happens and What to Do about It.

Written & Presented by Melanie Potock

Presenter Biography.

A talk for Parents

Research shows that at least 25% of typically developing kids won’t grow out of picky eating.

Learn how feeding disorders can develop from what we often call “just a phase” and what to do about it!

Course Fees:

Tickets  –  €45

THIS COURSE IS LIMITED to 60 Places which will be allocated on a First Come, First Served Basis.

Fees are inclusive of:

  • Access to the talk ‘Picky Eating: How it Happens and What to Do about It (90 minutes)’
  • A copy of Melanie’s new book for 2018 ‘Adventures in Veggieland’ (RRP: £14.99)
  • Tea/Coffee & snacks before the talk.

Course Venue

The venue for this course is the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel, Newlands Cross, Naas Road, Dublin 22.

This venue has accessible access to the training room as well as the areas for refreshments and toilets.

Underground Car Parking is available (Free for course attendees upon ticket validation).

Rooms are available for attendees with a 10% Discount to the advertised rates.

Please check out our venue page for more details, including directions and room booking options.

Books by Melanie Potock. 

Please Note: All attendees of this talk will get a copy of ‘Adventures in Veggieland’.


Some tools and products Melanie likes:

During the years Melanie has identified numerous tools and products which can have a positive impact on assisting with feeding therapy.

If you think any of them may help your clients you can find the direct links to them here.



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Picky Eating: How it Happens and What to Do about It (Parent Talk) - CATTS Ireland