How to setup Original Audio on Zoom.

Why Zoom Original Sound is important.

Steps to follow on:

Personal Computer or Laptop

iPhone or iPad

Android Phone or Tablet

Personal Computer or Laptop

On screen, click on the gear icon as shown in the image.

Then, you will see this window open up for you. In Audio Profile, ‘Zoom optimized audio’ is always selected at the start automatically.  Click on the circle called ‘Original sound for musicians’.

Then, this will show the following. Make sure the box beside the words ‘Echo cancellation’ is blue with a white tick in it like the picture above.

When that is complete, just click the X in the top right corner of the screen and you are ready to go.

iPhone or iPad

On your iPhone or iPad, click the button on the bottom right hand corner called ‘More’.

(Shown in the red circle on the photo)

On the next screen, Press Meetings.

(Shown in Red Box)

On the next screen, make sure ‘Use Original Audio’ is in Green.

(As shown in Red Circle) Then, you are ready to go. 🙂

Android Phone or Tablet

Click on Settings, and then press Meeting.

(As shown in Red Box)

On the next screen, scroll down (quite a bit), until you get to the entry called ‘Use Original Sound’

Make sure the toggle is in Green (Like in the Red Box).
Then, you are good to go

Hope these instructions were helpful. If you find it easier to print them off, please find the PDF version below to download and print.

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