Who can benefit from a coach?

The Simple answer – everyone who runs their own Private Practice – Large or Small!

Smarter answer: Anyone who feels they need help or guidance with the business aspect of running a healthcare practice. It can be anything from trying to find new clients, to making better use of your Social Media, to what is the best Case Management System – or to How can I get more time for myself! (Know that feeling?)

If you would like help with your practice, then I can help.

Coaching can take place in person, or remotely via Skype, Zoom, Facetime, etc.

If you don’t know where to start, or if it is right for you, the best answer is, just to start.  Drop us a line HERE.

Part of the first step (usually in a free screening call) is to see if it is a good match of skills and needs. It REALLY is important to me that you get on with me, and feel you get value from coaching. Likewise, I need to be sure that you are in the right place right now to get the best out of it.

Before your initial call, there is a bit of homework for you to do. (Essentially, these are some of the questions that would be asked anyway, so you can cheat and read ahead before we speak!)  You can find them HERE.


The initial call usually has only 3 outcomes:

We are not suited. 
Either business or personal aims don’t align, not willing to commit, or perhaps our styles just don’t click. That’s OK.  In this case, we have access to a range of other coaches outside of CATTS, who may be better suited, and I’ll put the word out on your behalf and see if we can match you with someone better suited!


Possibly can help.

If it is unclear, usually then we start with a 3 month stint, and part of that would be helping to fine tune exactly what it is that your real goals are (not the business-plan-esq type ones you see touted a lot), and uncover any issues or pitfalls that are causing you concerns. In these cases, you may already have tried to find support, but cannot find anyone willing to help. It is possible that you have been refused help because your practice has reached an unsustainable point, and no one wants a failure on their card. (A lot of successful businesses have been spun off from a previous one, but it does take a lot of risk and pain. Again, if we click on a personal level and we feel that there is even a slim chance of turning things around for you – we’ll go for it when others won’t).


Yes, we can help!

If it is a good fit, and we feel we can help and add value to you – then great! We can get started.

You’ll KNOW if the coach is not a good fit for you!

PS. This picture is a great example what a good coach does NOT do!

Discussion, Direction, Drive – NOT Dictator!

In-Person or Online

You can be anywhere in the world to avail of online coaching.

If you can Skype a relative from another country, we can conduct a coaching call.

Sometimes, even if you are in the same city, it can often be easier to meet virtually to allow flexibility.

Coaching Plans

It is CATTS chosen policy to be up front with pricing. No hidden fees, and any extras if needed are discussed with you beforehand.  The plans below are for guidance, but we will ‘tear up’ the guidebook if there is a unique business requirement.

For new clients we require a 3 month commitment to a coaching plan.

Active Coaching Plan

Monthly Rate: €205

This is a regular monthly price which includes each month:

2 monthly 60 minute calls (In person or Online).
1 weekly checkpoint call.
Online Support as needed.

If additional meetings are required, (E.g. help with a new launch) they are priced and agreed with us beforehand as part of planning.


Keeping Clear Coaching Plan

Monthly Rate: €155
This is a regular monthly price which includes each month:

1 monthly 60 minute discussion
1 weekly checkpoint call.
Online Support as needed.


Strategy Call.

This is for anyone who feels that they don’t need regular coaching, but do need to discuss something important with an experienced third party.

It can be because you have a major projects coming up which you need more support with, or because your business has had a kick which has left you reeling. Often the times we need the most support is due to unplanned or completely left of field problems.  It can be then that the right word or extra opinion or advice can make all the difference.

This is billed at €200 for the first hour or part of, and €50 per 15 minutes after.
Again, this can be done face to face, or online.


If you are interested, the first step is a  line FREE. consultation with our business coach.

This can take place in person, via phone, or via Skype, Facetime.  This is simply to establish if we can be the best people to assist you. Full stop.

Without trying to sound big headed, we have refused to work with people where we don’t feel we can help, or if they don’t pass a few simple commitment checks.

This is necessary, as there once we engage with you, our success rate becomes yours, so we want you to succeed. If we get the feeling that every meeting or call will just be asking why ‘X agreed action’ is still not done, it will not benefit you, or us. 🙂

Thank you!

Important Note!

Execution is vital.

CATTS Coaching/ Consultation Terms

Coaching, Consultation, Mentoring, Training, even a helping tip from a friend over a coffee, is completely USELESS, without the right actions, plan and execution behind it.

As such, CATTS require a minimum commitment of 3 months to any coaching plan. When a way to drive to achieve your goals is identified and a plan scoped out, it is down to the execution for success. In most cases, we will assist you in getting the right mix of experts for your field, and will stick with you to ensure that it keeps on track for your vision (or changes accordingly as it develops).

The only difference between those who succeed in their dreams and those who just dream – is execution!

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