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Independent Practice Support

What is it?

A Private Support Group for Owners of Healthcare practices.  It is run on Facebook (for ease of conversation and discussion for all members) and has structured and unstructured help and assistance for practice owners at all stages.


For years I (Joe, the CATTS Practice Manager, IT coder, marketing manager, and apprentice bottle washer) have been asked by other therapists/ trainers to help them build their practices, and I have helped where I can (for free).  After seeing the pattern of those who ask for help, I decided to open a closed FB group to try and help everyone who has been asking (and others), and basically correlate and curate all the content and step by steps I have given out piecemeal over the years.

'A Vicious Cycle'

A Vicious Cycle

Basically, the pattern as far as I can see is this.

Someone asks for help, or to help with something specific. I help – point to someone who can -they think they ‘got it’, then say ‘Bye’. Sometimes they come back to ask for free help when they got into a (usually avoidable) pickle. Other times, they have closed up.

The time-tested path to stop that is regular dip-in/out support. Full stop. You need other pairs of eyes on things so they can call out the issues while you can’t see the woods from the trees. You also help grow your own practice better when you are helping others. If you contribute to someone else fixing a problem now – it helps you fix it yourself when/if it hits you.

I’m interested…

If you are a SLT, OT, Physio, Dietician, Nutritionist, Psychologist, Health trainer or any other HSCP working in, or thinking of going into private practice (either full or part time), this closed membership group should be able to help.

It has some group coaching, consults, the usual supports, as well as lots of the self improvement training and tips I have prepared internally for CATTS teams over the years. – I may need to update some of them a bit – Bertie Ahern isn’t Taoiseach anymore for example!)

I have also decided to open up about the back-end CRM I bespoked, which is one of the silver bullets for your practice where you can scale up/down fast as needed. The other silver bullet is a bit more mushy – love – you’ll have to bring your own there though!

There's a 'But'...

There’s a ‘But’ coming…

This type of thing only works with a certain type of person. Mainly someone who wants to grow or sustain their practice, is happy to give input and contribute to group participation, and who wants to see others succeed (as well as them).


There are so many people on waiting lists that each practitioner that folds after a year or so really hurts people down the line who may be needing them.


So I’m only looking for people who want to help collaborate – not knock the clinic down the street out of business! 🙂

How much?

FREE to join. You get out as much, or more, than you put in. We are all in this together.  People who go into a healthcare role mostly want to help others, and to provide a good service to those they care for.  It can be hard to focus on this when you have all the other challenges of running your own business to content with too.  This is to provide a space for you to ask for, or offer help as and when you may need it.


How do I join?

You can join at the link below:

It will ask you a few questions to allow me know to Approve or Decline the request.

  • Name of your practice. (Or if you haven’t setup yet)
    (So we know what stage of the journey you are on)
  • Your profession. (This is healthcare only)
    (Different disciplines, but very similar practice challenges!)
  • What is the ONE key issue / challenge you have in your practice right now?

Once you request to join and I check the answers, I approve you, and then I suggest you head straight to the ‘Start Here’ section – or you can just browse around, it’s your group! 🙂

See you on the other side!



I know sometimes your practice may be facing such a large challenge that you want one on one help, or you would prefer to have a consult privately.

Based on requests for help in the past, in 2019, CATTS is officially offering Private Practice Business Coaching to any Health and Social Care Professionals who need assistance. Please click on the photo below to learn more.

Independent Practice Support - CATTS Ireland