What is, and how to access to the CATTS Staff Speech Therapy Coaching Facebook Group


Teachers, SNAs, Special Education Teachers who want help and support so you can better work with children in your class.

The CATTS SLT team have almost 80 years of combined SLT experience, and our service does not restrict on severity level, or age.

We help support ASD units, as well as mainstream classrooms with inclusion of special needs children.

If we can help you, help your pupils, we will.

You can get benefit from this group no matter what level you are starting from.

  • In an ideal world you would have regular access to a speech therapist in the school or class, and each pupil would have access to specific home programs that are linked into what you are working on in class.
  • But it’s not an idea world, and this isn’t possible in most cases in the current environment in most parts of the world.  However it is possible virtually, which is why we are forming this group.
  • Wherever you are in the world, If you are supporting pupils with additional communication needs in your class or school, we will have something to help you.


The single biggest common factor between those kids we have seen grow, thrive and succeed- whatever their abilities or challenges- and those who have not done as well – is their parents. 


Sometimes people confuse therapy with magic. A 60 minute session each week won’t work on its own. It has to be generalized to daily life.

Same thing with teachers. You are AMAZING – but the time you have their kids in your care each school day isn’t going to change everything without parent’s helping and reinforcing at home.

The parents who get it- know that if they can just have pointers, guides or in some cases even just one single thing to work on- they are prepared to run with it to help their child. You have access to materials to print off and use in school, and then give to a parent to work on at home. The parent does not need to be a member of the companion Parent Coaching Group in order to get benefit – although that is ideal and would close the loop on ensuring that both classroom life and home life joins up in supporting them.


This group will give you access to.

  • Materials we are creating that you can use as and when you have the time to work with kids in your class, whatever their level or ability.
  • We also hold weekly Talking Tuesdays and Ask Mes to help everyone fine tune the support you will get.
  • Using the discussion function you can learn from each other as well as asking a therapist for help and pointers when you get stuck or hit a roadblock.
  • We also have our newest member of the team KAT. Kat is our virtual speech therapy assistant who can answer questions, point you to where to find materials or keep you on track with daily or weekly reminders and advice if you wish. You can always talk to Kat here.
  • The main benefit of this group for you is access to a Speech Therapist on demand, so you can ask questions and get specific feedback and advice to help you, help your class.

CATTS has decades of therapy materials, and information that has been found to be invaluable to teachers in the past. Not all of it is online, until we are asked for it by you. That way we can select the most useful specific items to ensure they are made available so you can use them with your class.

To keep the quality and ensure that it grows as its members need, we will be using a subscription setting. However the first 30 days will always be free for new subscribers.

Afterwards there will be a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription- but always at less than the cost of a single hour of SLT support to a school each month.

The plans below are for individual teachers or SNAs, if you are paying for access yourself. (You will get a receipt to claim back if you wish from your school).

We have school level plans, which we can discuss with you, based on the number of teachers who may require assistance. (As that indicates the SLT time needed to support you).

  • These are based on the School’s Facebook page access and an agreed login.
  • This also means that if you have teachers changing over the course of a year, either within, or outside your school, their questions and answers, and the advice they got which was specific to your school, is still accessible to you.
  • To request School level access please email jmorris @ catts.ie


So, please dive in below, and let us know what you need.

To gain access to the Teacher & Staff Support Facebook Group, please select one of the options below. (All come with 1 month free trial).

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