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CATTS Online Speech Therapy Groups

Together, we’re stronger.

CATTS Parent Online Speech Therapy
Closed group · XX members
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Subscription Coaching and Support for Parents / Grandparents / Carers / Family Members to help their loved ones communication goals.
CATTS Teachers & Staff Support
Closed group · XX members
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Subscription group providing help and support for Teachers, Special Educators SNAs to help them support those they are looking after in their mainstream classrooms, units, or special schools, with communication goals.

We have two Online Speech Therapy Groups with subscription membership.

One for Parents of children who are concerned about their child’s language development.

One for Teachers, Special Needs Assistants, or Special Education teachers in a school or preschool.

(If you are an SNA, teacher, or Special Ed teacher AND a parent of a child who has communication difficulties – howsoever caused, we would recommend you join the PARENT group as it will allow you get specific One on One advice for your child. )


The main benefit of these groups for you is in access to a Speech Therapist on demand, so you can ask questions (either in the main discussion feed, or via the Private Message bot to a therapist confidentially) and get specific feedback and advice to help you, help the person you are concerned about.

Membership FAQ’s

How long do I have to sign up for?

There is no contract. You can cancel after 1 month if you feel it is not for you.


How much is it?

​€20 per month (1st month FREE)


How do I pay every month?

​You will enter your card details and the money will be taken monthly after the free 30 day trial is over. The payments will stop if you cancel.

How do I access the supporting Facebook Group?

You click on the link to join the group. It is a CLOSED group so it will not show on your news feed. Only people already in the group will be able to see any comments you make.


What do I get?

  • Access to our Speech therapist online via:
    The Facebook Group itself
    Private Message Bot
  • Weekly LIVE video training to help with common communication issues (Talking Tuesdays).
  • Structured learning to help you help your child via the Learning Units function on Facebook, including:
    Video Examples
    Step by Step ‘How tos’ for common issues with childhood language
  • Access to the Private Members Only downloads and content on the website.
  • Accountability via feedback and Kat, our Bot – to help you keep on track.


We have lots more planned based on feedback from members as the group grows.

(To keep quality, once we reach our maximum size, we will close subscriptions and then take a wait-list for new members)

Please select the group you are interested in to learn more

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