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Online Courses

Please browse our selection of Online training which is available for you to enroll and view as often as you like. There are a combination of FREE and PAID courses. In all cases, course enrollment gives you Lifetime Access to the course, and materials and downloads, as well as future updates.

School Age Stuttering – Patty Walton

3hr 20min - €99

This is the School Age Stuttering Training course from Patty Walton

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Six Steps to Success with GraceApp

2hrs - €30

How to setup and use GraceApp (also applicable to most AAC Apps and devices).

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Preschool Age Stuttering – Patty Walton

2hr 20min - €99

This is the Preschool Age Stuttering Training course from Patty Walton

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Creating, Using & Teaching Visuals

1hr 10mins - €35

How to do it PROPERLY to help the child in your class communicate with others - AND reduce anxiety and frustration. (For everyone!)

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Early Childhood Communication – Tips for Language Development

1hr 40mins - €5

This is a general talk designed to provide information on language development in young children.

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Reflective Practice

Required for some Course Certificates - FREE

In order to get the most out of learning, especially Online learning, it is vital to use Reflective Practice.

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Autism 101

1hr 40mins - €30

A short, to the point, helpful course in order to quickly get to grips with supporting someone with Autism.

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