Online Therapy takes less time for you as a parent compared to traditional, in the same room therapy. There are a few simple steps which you can take to ensure that your therapy sessions go smoothly. Below is a series of short video explainers on the more common areas that parents have had questions on in the past.

How to make your online therapy a success

This is a short explainer of the preparation needed for an in-the-same-room therapy session, vs an Online Therapy Session

What is the best device to use for Online Speech Therapy?

You don’t need to have a new computer, or tablet in order to participate in Online Speech Therapy. Most machines that have been made in the last 15 years will be happily able to handle a Zoom connection. (Our Therapists have the latest high spec laptops so all the computing power needed to make the magic happen in front of your eyes is done on their end, not yours.) If you have only a mobile phone, that is OK to use also. If you have a few options to pick from and you want to know what is best, please view the short video below to help you choose.

How to Download the Zoom App

You don’t HAVE to download the Zoom App in order to participate in Online Speech Therapy, however it is recommended. Once you have it downloaded, it will make your life much easier to just ‘Click and Join’ for your, or your child’s regular therapy sessions.

Zoom Original Sound, why it is important, and where to switch it on

Zoom has a setting called ‘Original Sound for musicians’ which removes all filters and just gives the raw, clear sounds. This is really nice to have switched on for speech therapy sessions, depending on the type of clinical difficulty the therapist is working on with you. With some clinical difficulties, this setting HAS to be enabled in order to allow the therapist hear your voice as it sounds, in the same room as you.

We have a special page which outlines step by step for Mobiles, Tablets and computers on where to find, and how to switch on this setting here:


(It normally takes about 10-15 seconds, much faster, once you know where the switch is on your own device.)

Zoom Original Sound is BRILLIANT for speech therapy.

How is best to setup for my therapy session?

Some good tips for setting up in your home for your online speech therapy session.

Reducing Distractions

Some tips on reducing distractions at home during your online therapy session


It goes without saying, but all online therapy is confidential. It is only between the person receiving therapy and their therapist. All CATTS therapists conduct therapy in secure settings, using direct to ear headsets. It is important that this confidentiality is extended to the client environment as well. This is especially important for adult clients who may receive their therapy session in their workplace.

Just Before Each Zoom Session – Quick Check

Below is a short video of a couple of things to check a minute or two before your Online Speech Therapy Session.

This is the link for the zoom test which we encourage clients to do before sessions. It will check your audio in / out and video.

Quick Checks to do before each Online Speech Therapy session.

Sometimes, no matter HOW prepared you are – things go wrong!

It happens! There are times when the ‘wheels fall off’ and nothing works right – no matter how well you have prepared. This short video explains how we handle these rare, but inevitable occasions. :)

Things go wrong at times. It is how you plan and mange them is what matters.

We hope you have found these useful to help explain how to get the best out of your online therapy. We look forward to seeing you.

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