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Part to Whole Relationships

Part to Whole Relationships Pretty much everything in the world is made up of smaller bits.  So for every WHOLE, it has a number of…
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Toys for Your Toddler

Toys for Your Toddler It’s Christmas day.  You have spent the past two months shopping for the most PERFECT present for your little one.  You…
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What is Dyspraxia?

What is Dyspraxia? In the past few years there has been an increasing recognition and diagnosis of dyspraxia.  The international medically preferred term for this…
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Oro-motor therapy

What is Oro-motor therapy?

What is Oro-motor therapy? Despite the controversy and the lack of evidence to support its use (Lof 2006); Oro-motor therapy has been continuously used since…
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Memory Book

Developing a Memory Book

If your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, you may notice that they become agitated if they forget dates and details of important events,…
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