Speech and Language Therapist

CATTS Ireland is currently recruiting a Speech and Language Therapist  (SLT) within the Independent Practice setting.

This is a Permanent role to support an existing and expanding caseload virtually via Online Therapy.

Still remember why you wanted to be a Therapist in the first place?

Experience the excitement of being at the cutting edge of telepractice in Ireland.

Choose your hours.

Work from the comfort of your own home.

This position would suit someone who is:

  • Loves having FUN in therapy sessions.
  • Enthusiastic and passionate about speech and language therapy.
  • An experienced therapist looking to take more change of their lifestyle.
  • Wanting to work on their own terms, from their own home.
  • Interested in a variety of clinical areas.
  • Excited about working with a variety of clients.
  • Wanting the option of flexibility in their working week.
  • Independently motivated and well organised.
  • Willing to try a different style of working than the norm.
  • Happy working within a supportive team environment.
  • Wanting to work with clients to meet their individual needs, not for a fixed block of sessions.

Then this role is for you!

Is this you?

Job Responsibilities:

Working in partnership with the rest of the team, you will be responsible for the delivery of quality, consistent Speech and Language Therapy services to clients.


Our main area of practice is pediatrics and we also work with adults with a variety of disabilities. CATTS’ sees clients from all across the country virtually.

What to expect:

Our therapists have a lot of flexibility around how and when they work. A professional approach to work, and an ability to work on your own initiative is key to being successful in this role.

With this flexibility, our team members can adhere to the 70%/30% – Client time/Admin time, which allows time to further CPD and grow as a clinician.
CATTS tries to make it as easy as possible to work within the challenges of independent practice.

What you need:

Firstly, a recognized qualification in Speech and Language Therapy is essential, as well as permission to work in Ireland. CORU registration and IASLT membership are required.

Experience working as a Speech and Language Therapist for a minimum of 2 years is essential. We also provide a robust peer supervision programme delivered to all our clinicians, as additional support. This is a self-employed opportunity. Successful candidates should be aware that they will be responsible for making their own tax returns to the Revenue Commissioner (we can help guide you in the right direction with this part).

What next?:

Firstly, please browse the rest of our site www.cattsireland.com to learn more about us, and the services we offer.

Check out also how we provide online speech and language therapy and make it fun for children.
(Don’t worry, we provide you the laptop, headset, greenscreen etc. – and especially important – the comfy chair!)

Always, first and foremost are those who we help. Please take a look at some of the feedback we have had from parents whose children we help.

If you like what you see, please apply by sending in your CV and Cover letter. (This link opens in your email system)

We’d love to meet you.

Thank you,

The CATTS Team.


Photo by Dmitry Ratushny

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